Photos: First look at CES 2020

Hundreds of thousands of people are in Las Vegas to view the latest in everything from televisions and robots to autonomous and electric vehicles. Each January, CES provides a glimpse into how our everyday lives may change in the coming years.

LAS VEGAS — This year's CES event officially opened to the public on Tuesday, Jan. 7. Taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as various venues all over the city, CES attracts people from across the globe. 

While previously known more for consumer electronics, in recent years the event has attracted a large number of vehicle manufacturers, as well as suppliers of electrification services, advanced driver safety technologies and autonomous driving systems. 

While many displays are to attract attention and generate discussion, CES also provides a real-world glimpse into how our lives will change in the coming years. 

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Posted Date : January 10 2020