7 Things You Say That Kill Your Credibility

7 Things You Say That Kill Your Credibility


Credibility is like a currency that never appreciates. If people think you’re credible, they’ll listen to you. They’ll rely upon you. They’ll follow you. But if you do or say something that hurts your credibility, no amount of data or evidence can vindicate you in any short period of time.

Rebuilding lost credibility is a long process that might be futile if what you need is support for an undertaking right now.

For example, think of any leader who loses credibility because he seems incompetent or untrustworthy. How about a doctor that loses credibility because she makes errors? And what about scientists who lose credibility when they overstate what they’ve found or when others can’t replicate their results?

Credibility is a strong and necessary currency for professional success.


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Posted Date : December 01 2020