TThe TruckersEdge Load Board is brought to you by the same company that provided the industry with the original service, the DAT Load Board Network. Often known for the DAT Load Monitors located at over 1,000 truck stops across the country, DAT’s TruckersEdge load board service is the solution that provides you access to all the loads on those monitors and more with your choice of over 250,000 fresh loads posted daily to our web and software services. Over 68 million loads and trucks are posted into the DAT network annually, with 45 million found here first or nowhere else. Once you have the loads you need, let TruckersEdge help your business grow using tools like fuel tax and mileage reporting, routing information, and more! UTA members receive their first 30 days free on the TruckersEdge Load Board Powered by DAT by signing up here:


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 With TruckersEdge you get:

· The largest load board in the industry

· Better quality brokers and shippers

· Best price and value you can find

· Unlimited load searching and truck posting

· Broker credit scores & days to pay

· Instant alarm match notification


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