Liquid Capital of Northern California

LiquidCapital PurchaseFinance Program

What dobusinessesdowhenPOfifinancing, andother formsof traditionallending are unavailableto them? LiquidCapital’s PurchaseFinanceProgram (PFP) offers a flflexible,fast andsimplewaytofundpurchases needed foragrowingbusiness. Purchasescanbeforgoodsforresale, inventoryor consumption whilesupplierscanbe domestic or international.

PFP’s solution issimple. Norigidconditionsandhidden costs of PO Financing, no onerouslendingconditionsor covenants,andno disturbance of existing bankorother lender security.

PFP only requires the businesstobeingoodfifinancialhealth andcredit insurable. Isn’titabouttime for a solutionlikeLiquidCapitals Purchase FinancialProgram? 

How it works: 

1.LiquidCapital takesapplication.

2. LiquidCapital conductsduediligence, underwrites credit and requests a credit limit.

3. Credit insuranceendorsement isreceived.

4. Agreementanddocuments arefifinalized: includingthe invoiceforclient.

5. Client takes deliveryand PFP invoice issued.

6.Transactionis fifinalizedupon clientpayment ofPFPinvoiceto LiquidCapital.

7.Paymentterms are typically up to60days, extended terms canbenegotiate


  • Easy, fast turnaround

  • Nocomplicated letters of credit

  • Not disruptive to existinglendersecurity

  • Strengthensfinancialhealth of client

  • No conditions placedon purchase goods

  • Rawmaterials,parts, equipments-OK

  • Nocomplicated delivery orstorage covenants

  • Helps clientstakeadvantageof supplier discount, limitedtimeoffersand bulk purchasingopportunities 


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